24th 2019


Lambda Validator Recruitment

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The Lambda consensus network blocks were made by the validator, which is promoted by the storage miners. The validator is responsible for the validation of the PoST and the operation of the blockchain consensus network. In the early stage, when the miner system was not yet fully operational, we need some initial validators.


Therefore, we’ve launched the validator recruitment program for our mainnet and testnet, with the following rights and obligations:




Right 1: Being the founding Validator of the main network could get the block reward. According to the Yellow Book, the founding Validator averagely produces about 5,000 LAMB per day (the original Validator is expected to be no more than 121).


Right 2: The founding Validators having all the certification rights of the Lambda partner. For the Validator partner who operates the mining pool will get a FASTPASSKEY of the Lambda main network as the unique identity, users can save the data to the specific identity, and you can have this identity by mortgaging 5 million LAMB after the main net launched.


Right 3: If the founding Validator is a mining machine manufacturer, it can be authorized and certified by Lambda’s official mining machine, using the Lambda logo and gaining one hundred AUTHKEY. AUTHKEY can also be purchased after the main net launched. Afterward, its purchasing mechanism is similar to FOMO.




Obligation 1: The founding Validator must provide a host that meets the requirements of the Lambda system and network. Not less than 16 core CPU, 32G memory and 4TB hard disk, with 100Mbps.


Obligation 2: The Validator needs a storage machine with a corresponding volume. Each Validator operates at least more than 50T. In order to prevent the nodes from damaging the user data, the Validator must perform a small pledge (no pledge in the test phase, pledge after the main network starts).


Obligation 3: The Validator has the obligation to cooperate with the Lambda team for commercial promotion, and jointly obtain more user-side requirements.


Obligation 4: The 2nd round recruits 30 nodes with 2 million LAMB as a pledge; the 3rd round recruits 60 nodes with 3 million LAMB as a pledge.


Obligation 5: During the testnet period, the Validator needs to cooperate with the authorities to make corresponding adjustments. If the Validator refuses to cooperate, the corresponding income will be deducted.


In addition, the testnet’s schedule is as follows:

1) Consensus network testing phase, expected to last until April 5th ;

2) Storage network testing phase, expected to last until May 15th ;


The testnet participant rules for the founding Validator are as follows:

1) The total number of Validators during the testnet period is limited to a maximum of 121.

2) We gonna update the new Validator in real time during the testnet period.

3) The average benefit of a single Validator during the testnet period is approximately 4500 LAMB per day.

4) The pledge LAMB is locked by the designated exchange, and the reward LAMB is issued through the designated exchange as well, which can be withdrawn every month.

5) Validator needs to submit the “Validator Application Form” online, and it will be reviewed by the Lambda Foundation.

6) After the approval, according to obligation 4, you can become a founding Validator with the full amount of LAMB as a pledge.

7) The Validator Application Form was published on January 29th , 2019.

8) The Validator’s election results were announced on January 31th , 2019.

9) The elected Validator should get ready for everything no later than Feb.11th , 2019, and the income is calculated on the day of access.

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