1th 2019


The Guideline for Lambda Storage Miners

Lambda data storage network has entered pre-mainnet phase, storage miners can withdraw rewards from pledge data storage space. The pre-mainnet phase reward 300,000 LAMB daily at this stage. In Lambda ecosystem, there are dual economic models, ecological native tokens LAMB and LAMBs for pledge data storage.

Reward Distribution


The daily reward for the whole data storage network is 300,000 LAMB. Miners can withdraw the reward according to the proportion of individual’s pledged data storage space with total network data storage space.

Please click the button of withdrawal and reserve rewards to Ethereum wallet in Lambda‘s pledge system.

For example:

As Miner A data storage space is 1 PB and the total data storage space in the whole network is 100 PB, Miner A can get 1 % reward distribution of total reward at that day which can withdraw 3000 LAMB as rewards.


How to Join Miming Pool


  • Please open Lambda official website: to register an account.
  • Click Storage Miner and click the button of pledge to pledge LAMBS and the current cost for pledge is 1000 LAMBS/T.
  • LAMBS can trade and purchase on exchange platforms.
  • LAMBS has listed as an independent crypto currency as storage assets on 3 exchanges,Bitmax,BHEx and BISS. Miners can purchase directly on these 3 exchange platforms as mentioned.
  • Please view Storage miners‘ pledge system here:

For more details for guiding miners to pledge, please click the article here.



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