21th 2019


Release 210PB – 240 PB data storage pledge in 17th June

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Dear Miners, Nodes, Partners and friends in the Lambda community:


The Lambda storage network release from 210 PB to 240 PB data storage pledge on 17th June, Beijing time zone.


Since 180PB to 210PB data storage pledge released, storage miners had warmly responded. Within only 48 hours 210 PB worth data storage has been pledged. Lambda data storage network will expand to reach up to 240PB.


Validators and miners are required to apply Erc20 token and reward tokens for completing pledge, the combination ratio is 1:2. Meanwhile, validators are required to pledge with Erc20 token in Lambda storage network, and validators are required to pledge for 2.000,000 LAMB.


Thanks to Lambda Ecosystem’s storage miners, validators, and all supporters.


Lambda Team 

16th June,2019  



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