11th 2019


Lambda Space Token(LAMBS)

LAMBS (Lambda Space Tokena token representing pledged data storage space)

LAMBS is the only digital representation for pledged storage space in the Lambda storage network. In the Lambda storage network, LAMBS can be used for storage mining, storage space trading and other important purposes, and is issued based on LAMB private sale allocations and rewards tokens from miners.


Function 1:

Storage miners can use LAMBS in Lambda storage network to participate in storage mining, storage space trading and earn mining rewards. Before Lambda mainnet is online, and in the early stage of pre-mainnet, mining rewards will be 300,000 Lamb per day in total and is shared among all storage miners, according to the proportion of pledged data storage space to the total network data storage space; after pre-mainnet storage function is enabled, users need to have access to storage mining machines and provide storage service, otherwise mining rewards will be zero; after mainnet is launched, miners participate in mining through pledged data storage space and earn block rewards of over 6 billion LAMB in total. The pledged data storage space can be traded between miners through LAMBS.


Function 2:

Users who hold LAMBS can exchange LAMB at a 1:1 ratio later when exchange function is enabled. Initial exchange will start one month later, and in each month of the first year, total amount of LAMB available for exchange is 2,000,000. This figure will increase proportionally in later years. Basically, amount of LAMB available for exchange each time is related to circulation of LAMBS, more details about eligibility, fees and caps will be announced later.


Hint: With the passage of time and ecological development, different economic activities including mining, pledge, reward, lending, corporative mining and staking have arised in Lambda ecosystem and different roles such as validators, partner nodes, storage miners, voters and users have emerged. Under such circumstance, LAMB as a single token can no longer meet the diversified needs of the economic system.


LAMBS is a token representating LAMB private sale allocation and reward tokens from miners. Before LAMBS can be exchanged to LAMB, the price of LAMBS is determined not only by the long term prospects of the project, but also by fluctuations of storage mining demand as well as arbitragers speculating about future price when exchange time frame getting closer.


Circulation: 50,000,000, later will increase according to a disclosed algorithm together with circulation in total, each month there will be 50,000,000 LAMBS at maximum being released

Opening Price: 0.07USD


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