15th 2019


120 million LAMB unlock for rewarding miners

Dear supporters,


Lambda testnet was launched in April 2019 with good supporting from miners. The Token was unlocked from Lambda Foundation, is mainly rewarded to storage miners who made outstanding contributions to the Lambda testnet. The initial purpose of Token’s transfer to Huobi used by the exchange’s multiple verification mechanisms to ensure that rewards can be issued safely and on time. There were 102000200 Lamb Tokens has been transferred.

The Token will transfer to the following address from 12th August: 0xE305bb19F73791Ac1472088F2AFBD9065827A0EB


Afterwards, miners’ reward will be issued from this address to third-party batch coin-operated platforms with a cycle.


Thanks to the various validators, investors and partners for their support to Lambda project. The pre-mainnet online also marks a new beginning for the new Lambda distributed storage network. Lambda team will make efforts to promote the development of distributed storage technology and empower the next generation of value Internet.


Thanks to Lambda Eco’s storage miners, validators and all supporters.


Lambda team

15th June



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